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Volunteer with hospice client in Dallas, TX
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Be a Hospice Volunteer

Angel Hospice Corp believes that the chance to be involved in the lives of our patients both a blessing and a privilege.  The services a volunteer will provides profoundly improves the quality of our patient's lives.  The love, respect and care provided to our patients and their families by our hospice volunteers is vitally important to their overall well-being during challenging times. Volunteers services enable families to keep their loved ones at home, around the people they love, and the things they love.  Volunteers, can can assist with errands, and helps a tired family cope with their many challenges and allows them time with their loved one. Simply holding a patient's hand can ease their mind and comfort their spirit.  Volunteering takes no advanced medical training or great commitment. Volunteering can be as simple as reading to, or spending time with a patient a few hours a week. Small deeds of kindness that so profoundly enhance the lives of our patients and those who love them.

Volunteers can help in many ways. Our volunteers include individuals, families, businesses, youth and school groups, civic organizations and churches. Candidates go through interview and screening processes to ensure the safety of our patients and their families. Hospice volunteers are given assignments that best suit their time, skills and interests.

Angel Hospice Corp volunteers are thoroughly trained and supported in the skills they need for the volunteer role. Training includes scheduled sessions, individual training and on-site training for groups and organizations. If you are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer or would like more information on volunteering please call us today.

Most volunteers feel personally rewarded through their offering of time, energy and compassion when they see how much they are able to help patients and families. Further benefits frequently experienced by our volunteers include:

How Volunteers Help
Hospice volunteers typically help by:
  1. Forming close bonds with patients and family members
    By listening to patients and acknowledging their feelings in an unbiased way as they share their life story.
    By supporting family members as they seek ways to comfort their loved ones.
  2. Improving communication within families
    By encouraging healthy interactions to open the way for people to talk honestly.

Volunteer Opportunities

Angel Hospice volunteers are caring and compassionate people who want to contribute to others in a meaningful way. They come from diverse backgrounds, are all ages, working and retired and have various interests. No special skills are required- Angel Hospice volunteers are individuals that have the capacity to listen and who truly care.

Volunteers do many things including:

We have a strong need for volunteers who:

Angel Hospice provides comprehensive training for all volunteers, who also receive ongoing support from other volunteers and hospice staff through monthly support groups and regularly scheduled workshops. A commitment of one year of volunteer services is requested.

Hospice Volunteer ApplicationDownload the Volunteer Application

For more information about volunteer opportunities and training call (214) 432-2636 or email inquiries to

*please note background check is required for all employees and volunteers at Angel Hospice.

Download PDF Hospice Volunteer Application

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